This Monument and web-sight is funded by the

B-36 Peacemaker Museum, Fort Worth Texas

October 19, 2007

Carswell Air Force Base Fort Worth, Tex


        Naval Air Station Fort Worth


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Go to Dedication and see photo's of  

The SAC Monument

Dedication from start to finish at Naval Air Station,

Fort Worth, Texas.  

The Strategic Air Command 


was built to Honor the men and women that Served in SAC during their Duty in the

Air Force  



Go to Building Monument and see photo's of the Monument being built from start to finish. 

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The Monument was Funded by Private and Corporate Donations

     No Government Funds or Personnel were used 

 The Monument is now maintained and funded by the

         B-36 Peacemaker Museum, Fort Worth, Texas


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B-52 Flyover to Start the Dedication of the SAC Monument

       October 19, 2007.